Would you love to work for yourself?

I interview Steve Parker – on how he went from Corporate Job to running his own rather fabulous Cheese & Wine Company. He now lives PowerPoint free. (can’t see the video? click here)

If you

1. Have had great ideas but NOT KNOWN WHERE TO BEGIN (or don’t take them further because they all feel too out of reach)

2. Never find the time to do what you REALLY want to do with your life

3. Are excited by the thought of doing your own thing but it SCARES YOU

4. Think you can’t go it alone in a RECESSION

Then you must listen to this. Steve is inspiring to listen to, and has got some really useful stuff to say.

p.s if you want to learn about wine and cheese without the snob-ometer,  checkout out the excellent happenings at The Cheese & Wine Company here

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