Hello I’m Sonia Lakshman…Me

I work with people like you who want to love their work, live well, feel GOOD.

I am particularly interested in helping people find their expression, use their talents and make that real in the world – to create businesses, working lifestyles, or jobs they love. Over the last nine years I have helped hundreds of people work happy.

Before qualifiying as a coach I had a long career in music and publishing, leading the production at one of the Universal Music Group labels. I was always seeking more though – more expression, more meaning, more liberation and it was only a matter of time before I sprung the job for a life of real fulfillment and freedom.

Things have gone well, so I’m guessing I must be doing something right! I have been featured in You Magazine in the Mail on Sunday, in Red Magazine and Country and Town House. I enjoy a fabulous and long collaboration with the inspiring career change organisation Careershifters. I even auditioned to present a BBC TV series – which never made it to production – but nice to be asked!

Among my fascinations are talent, ideas, creativity, positive psychology, the power of habit, consciousness and the art of being all of which I weave into my work – at the core of which lies expression and helping you find yours. When I’m not running workshops or deep in conversation with my clients I can be found on my yoga mat, out with the dog, dabbling with art and interiors, succumbing to chocolate and being curious about everything.

That’s me. What about you? What can I help you with? If we sound like we’d work brilliantly together drop me a line. Lets talk.

[I work internationally over Skype or phone and consult in person in Richmond and Central London,]