What you are is what you have been, what you will be is what you DO now

One of my clients read this quote in the weekend newspapers and mentioned it an email he wrote me this morning¬† – he didn’t mail me the credit so I can’t include it, but it’s not my own.

I thought it was so good, that I’ve posted it straight on here.

Because one of the things that I find people really struggle with is REGRET. Regret that you hadn’t made better choices, regret that you hadn’t done things earlier, regret that you didn’t go to university/choose the right course/hadn’t dropped out/had dropped out ; regret that you aren’t doing what you feel you should be doing; regret that you followed someone else’s dream, regret that you haven’t risked enough, regret that you haven’t (yet) followed your heart.

It can become all consuming. Certainly sapping. Definitely unproductive.

But when you shift your focus from the past to what you want to change NOW, what you can DO now, what you can FOLLOW THROUGH on now – everything changes. Do that and Watch What Happens.

It’s like changing a car from reverse into first gear.


As an aside here’ s a graph of what the average American regrets

Not alone are we? No surprise that love and work top the list….more on the study here http://mindhacks.com/2011/03/27/regrets-ive-had-a-few-but-not-too-few-to-mention/




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