What people say (well, more of it…)

 Very good structure, lots of information, original and challenging. I’ve got a really clear idea of which way to go. Am clear now too on which things I’ve been wasting time on and can forget about.   Excellent!



“I found the personal attention from Sonia really helpful and it was very good to help me pick out my strengths.  I really enjoyed the day and I have a plan of action and renewed energy to act upon it!

Jean-Louis – Surveyor

‘I got so much out of the day – empowerment, focus, getting out of a ‘stuck mindset’. It was great to think outside the box, vocalise my dreams and focus on the ‘how’. And Sonia was brilliant. Ten out of Ten! “

Denise – IT Manager

“I thought the structure was very good and that you lead the group excellently. I enjoyed the structured thinking and the brainstorms. I came along because I want to change career for something I’m passionate about and I look forward to putting it into action.”

Graham, - Principal Leader/Supply Chain Consultant

“I really enjoyed all the brainstorming and excellent advice. I chose this workshop as I was having a panic about my life and its left me confidently ready to pursue my heart and not panic about my long term goals”

Annabel - Commissioning Editor

Lovely to meet like-minded people and Sonia was brilliant, making the time for everyone in the group and very intuitive. I’ve got some simple actions that will keep me making steps to a fulfilling career. Ten out of ten!  

Amy – Account Director, Communications

“Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent”

Higher Executive Officer - Central Government

“It was really helpful to think outside the box. I’ve now got a more positive view of my experience and the things I’ve been good at without ever realising I’ve been good at them”

Julia Fox – Sub Editor

“I loved the exercises, the people and the energy in the room. It has helped me to understand the things I’m good at and has really provoked my thinking”

Nadia – Channel Manager

“I came to the workshop because it was very highly recommended by a close friend. She was right!”

Assistant Manager – big 4 accounting firm

“I really enjoyed the practical exercises and the opportunity to work with others. I’m taking away new ideas and an action plan which I didn’t have before. It really was very good”

John Colyer - IT Solutions Consultant

“The workshop was suggested and recommended to me as I had no idea where to start. I really enjoyed the focus on what I wanted to do as well as what I could do. Lots of energy and relevant material “

Oliver Gardner - Retail

” The structured system, the insights, Sonia’s penetrating understanding of people were particularly good. It’s given me great clarity of vision, I now have a roadmap. Excellent.”

J Louis Eveque - Translator

‘ The workshop really helped condense me and how I work and match that to changing roles. It made me stop and park ideas I had based on a perception of where I should go – the error I’ve been making my whole career! It helped me get back to being me!!

Anne- Marie, Scientific Advisor

The whole process was really helpful, real ideas, no waffle! I’ve got more focus, new ideas and a plan of action, Ten out of ten!

Emma , Travel Adminstrator

I got direction and belief in myself that I can achieve what I want.  I have a real idea of the path I want to follow and am excited about the next step! Would whole-heartedly recommend.’

Adam , Accounts Manager

Its given me a new idea for who I want to be!  

Mark, Business Owner

‘ I loved the style and pace of the course, really good and effective  and very useful to me. It’s really helped me unblock my thinking about what I will do next. Ten out of ten!

Lesley, IT Director

It was absolutely spot on. It gave me inspiration, motivation, new contacts with like-minded people, understanding, a good future and a way forward! Ten out of ten.

Mark, Aviation

It was all great. Sonia’s energy, great group of people, great structure, lots of practical ideas, the knowledge i’m not alone and the drive to make a change. Ten out of ten!  

James, Global HR

Ten out of ten! Sonia was very engaging and inspirational . I;m leaving with an idea of the field I want to be in and ready to stop being afraid and just do it!

Jo , Learning and Development

The focussed tasks that made me think in much more specific terms were particularly good as was the chance to talk to like-minded people and know you are not the only one. I’m taking away real tangible ideas to explore further and feel more inspired than I have in years, thank you! Would absolutely recommend.

Lucy, Event Producer

I was particularly surprised to see that my current job doesn’t tick any  of my boxes ( I had been thinking it was ok if rather demotivating…) so I am feeling alot more focussed on the need to make changes. The workshop confirmed by suspicions that I need to do something creative. I was able to identify some precise next steps and I feel positive, thanks!

Holly, Commercial Manager

I’ve got LOADS from attending this workshop! Contacts, direction, drive, absolutely 10 out of 10

 Clare – Store Manager


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