Throwing money at the problem..

A dear dear friend of mine who is one of those  super human people who can DO ANYTHING and STILL  be TOTALLY lovable – always used to say when confronted by a hitch “lets throw money at the problem”.

She’d find it.  Raise it. Hurl it. And fix whatever needed to be fixed (state of mind, body, soul, house, car, dog, work, business).

Seems it worked for the Olympics too (wasn’t it so good!!).  Check out these figures: We took a humiliating medal count of  15 in Atlanta in 1996 to being on fire with 65 in London (Previous GB medal counts were Sydney 2000 – 28;  Athens 2004, 31 and Beijing 2008, 47).

Photo: Charlie Bibby at the FT

How? Because we threw money at the problem. We gave it our attention. We focussed on it.  We put energy into our athletes. We gave it our all!

The interesting thing about it is that it’s the same for everything.

Whatever you focus on grows.

Happiness/ Misery

Opportunity/ Entrapment

Positivity/ Depression

Having time/ rushing

Developing/ staying stagnant

Belonging/ Feeling alienated

Moving on/ Staying put

Having courage/ Being afraid

etc etc etc

It’s a really subtle shift from focusing on what you want to leave behind and instead, focusing on what you want. Doesn’t sound like much I know but in actual fact most of us spend time worrying about the bit that’s not working. And so it magnifies.

SO, shift the weight on to the forward foot ( not always easy but mainly because the mind wants to carry on with it’s usual trajectory) . Then throw attention/ cash/ energy /action/thought/ whatever you’ve got at it and ….ka boom.

ps. I promise no more Olympic posts. but HOW GOOD WAS IT! The show, the hospitality, the atmosphere, the performances, the crowd, the beeb, the heart, the sweat, the soul. God we do it well! Hurray GB!






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