What are the ingredients of a great idea…?

Something that’s needed, a problem to be solved


Something that makes people happy



Enter the Nana Cafe. A genius idea from Katie Harris.

Here was the problem – Older people, with lots of talents, often isolated.

Here was the solution – A cool cafe for the community, run by older people, who cook up a treat with delicious proper home made grub.

The result?  A productive, happy, sociable enterprise. Old and young together as we should be. Camaradie and Community. Great bangers and mash.


How did they do it? They started small with a pop- up in a pub in Hackney. Then as it was such a success, decided to upgrade to their own premises. But funds were the issue. So they launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise what they needed. And Ta Da!

Here’s their campaign. Sweet, sweet inspiring stuff. Just press play.

If you happen to be in Hackney and miss your nan….here they are

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