Meet the entrepreneur of the year….

…the flu virus!

I have had the misfortune to be nabbed not once but TWICE in 3 weeks by the flu virus. And both times it’s knocked me out cold.

Score: Flu Virus =2  Happy Mondays = Nil.

I am a sucker for a science programme and had heard that the viruses were be going to be back and badder than ever. But this bad?! While I sneezed my way through it, I lay begrudgingly admiring their ceaseless invention. Got to thinking that when it comes to changing career / keeping our businesses successful we could a learn a thing or two from these pesky bugs:

1. They constantly reinvent themselves - every time we find a chink in their strategy, they just go ahead and come up with 50 new ones. (Learning  – as the old saying goes if you do what you’ve always done you get what you’ve always got. If it’s not working come at it another way)

2. They don’t give up – every year they’re back, bigger, badder, better.
(Learning – they don’t just persist, they change and persist)

3. They work together – infact they work globally together
(Learning – its hard doing it all by yourself. Get support, do it with someone, join a group, go to a workshop, talk to people. It’s alot more fun and you have more ideas that way)

4. They take a rest – infact they take most of the summer off. That way when they are back, they are BACK.
(Learning -if you’ve been thinking about what you want to do for a while, or been stuck with it for ages you’ll KNOW how exhausting it is. So, stop. Stop thinking about it, give yourself break, do something different. You’ll get fresh perspective and pick up energised.


Right. Achoo!


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