Is your past deciding your future?

So, here’s an interesting way to look at our minds….

Most often when we are DEPRESSED we are thinking about the PAST. (the things we wish we’d done, the chances we wish we’d taken, the things we wished we had or hadn’t said, the way things turned out, how it should have been etc etc etc. Yes it can be a loooong list, we’re so good at this!)

When we are ANXIOUS we are usually thinking about the FUTURE. (what’s going to happen, how will we manage, all the things we need to get done, will we get the job or won’t we,  will the kids be ok, will he call, will the pitch go well etc etc etc. Yes we’re good at this too!)

Which leaves us with this really special place, where apparently most of us don’t spend much time at all. It’s called the…here-and-now

It’s a place where paradoxically what we do with it creates our past and our future.It’s the sandwich filling that dictates the flavour of everything!

What shall we do with it then people? If you were to forget about your regrets and fears, how would you direct your energies today?

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