I want to feel electrified

At the start of the career change workshop I run, I ask the group how they would like to feel about their work. One particularly flamboyant and colourful character pondered and then said “I want to feel electrified!. To get the full effect picture him saying this in a french accent (not a parody, he was french) and with a flourish. Ra ta da!

I LOVED this.

Electrified. Now THAT’S a feeling. Instead of the far more common Monday morning feelings of demotivation, stress, entrapment, boredom and dread! No one wants to feel those things, but so many of us do. The good news is that you CAN change it,  you’ve just got to get serious about sorting it out.

The next workshop on November 9 is sold out but the one after that on Saturday Dec 7 is booking now. It’s the last one of the year and we all know what it feels to start ANOTHER new year STILL stuck in the wrong job. Don’t miss it.
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