“Sonia, you have such an incredible talent for understanding people. Your ability of interpreting what people are thinking and feeling and putting it into words is truly remarkable. You left me stunned on many occasion! Through our conversations I was able to uncover my inner passion and discover what genuinely drives me.

There’s nothing worse than not know what you want, but feeling desperately unhappy in your current situation. You helped me find my direction, which made the journey getting there so much clearer and I felt focused for the first time.

I’m so glad I went to your workshop all those months ago and have been lucky enough to have 1-1 sessions with you. I’ve seen a number of career coaches in my time, but by far you outshone the other experiences. No comparison. Thank you Sonia. You are truly amazing.”

Susie Rundle, Events (Human Rights)


I will always remember what I have achieved with Sonia, the foundations of this life changing process has built a frame work for me to proactively take future decisions in my way.  Sonia initially asked what I wanted to achieve during our time together.  I wanted greater clarity of my future career, a better understanding of what was holding me back, to be more aware of my skill set and to begin to regain control.  I achieved this in a surprisingly short space of time and I was quickly making positive and assertive decisions. I’ve handed in my notice, sold our house and we’re moving to create a business and lifestyle we love. There’s a way to go yet, but I’ve begun. It was my work to do but Sonia guided me to and beyond what I wanted.  Thank you!

Ryan, Actor & Facilitator


Working with Sonia has been incredibly helpful. Her probing questions, expert guidance and constructive advice have provided some much needed clarity on what’s really important to me. Our sessions have also given me a huge confidence boost and a sense of purpose that I’m already putting to good use.

Sarah, PR & Communications Director


Sonia is a fantastically supportive and informed careers coach. She understood my objectives very quickly and set me targeted and proactive tasks to help me work out which direction to take my career. If you lack confidence, or are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of a career change, I would absolutely recommend Sonia, as her methods are very much about helping you get to a place where you have the confidence and conviction to take the next steps forward. Following my course with Sonia, I am now in a new role that I never would have applied for without her guidance, and am really happy. Not sure you can ask for more from a career coach than that!’

Claire, PR Manager