How to move into meaningful work

Tired of getting to the end of the week and wondering what that was all about? And want to do something that REALLY makes a difference?


Richard Alderson founder of the inspiring career change organisation Careershifters is giving a talk in London next week on how to make a start. Richard escaped a ‘good’ but soulless job at IBM to go on to create not just one, but a few social enterprises that all make a difference in the world.  He’s joined by two other inspiring people who share their insights too. They’ve all felt trapped by the jobs they’re in and have managed to find their way to work they love.

They’ll be talking about:

How to figure out what you really want to do to make a difference in the world
The reality of working in the ‘for-good’ sector
How you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice making a good living to do so

The thing about getting from where you are to somewhere you want to be – is the tricky bit in the middle – how to start, who to talk to, how to make it happen. That’s what this event it all about.

Don’t miss it. Details here –



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