How to ACTUALLY change things

Idling  in the bath contemplating life, the universe and other things my eye caught the strapline on my body lotion jar



But this isn’t a review for a health and  beauty column!

It’s about how we successfully change things.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve realised that we change things not by the one-off big overture, but by the small daily actions that tot up over time. And then, without you even know it’s happening, you realise you’re in  a very different place from where you set out.

If you’ve tried to get fit, trained for a marathon, learned how to meditate, gone from a beginner to pretty good at anything – you’ll know that it isn’t a one hit thing. It’s a consistent, dedicated, regular practice that happens over time.

The one hit CAN work but it’s usually not sustaining. Think staying on top of your filing (!) or the state of your garden. It gets to an unspeakable state, that pushes you into doing some thing about it. You then go for hell for leather, swear to yourself you’re never going to let things get like this ever again, and either finish the task exhausted or abandon it half way or a cup of tea and a Kitkat. Fast forward  a couple of months and almost guaranteed you’re back to square one.

Yes? Yes.  I’m there too. I’ve just finished mowing my lawn after a 6 month hiatus. I know.

When it comes to changing career it’s no different.  We either sit and think and wait for the big idea that never comes. Or we have spurts of activity fueled by desperation, and then dwindle back to being stuck in jobs we don’t like again. YEARS can pass this way.  Ricocheting from action to inertia with no forward propulsion. The only thing that seems to develop is increasing frustration.

But if you look at almost anyone who’s changed direction, it almost certainly didn’t happen overnight. As they say in showbiz there’s no such thing as an overnight sensation. The person who opened the fabulous cheese store that you envy – she doesn’t have anything you don’t have – join the dots backwards and you’ll see how much regular pedalling it took her to get there.

So if you’ve been tussling with your direction and want more than anything to find your way to do something you love here’s a mission for you:

Set yourself a task or an action EVERYDAY that moves you in the right direction

Here’s what it could look like

Day One: List 5 people who inspire you, who are doing something you’d love to be doing

Day Two: Do something you love for the hell of it. Something that’s not on your mundane to-do list. Something you haven’t done for years before you became so weighed down by your responsibilities. Even if it’s doing nothing, luxuriate in doing nothing. Being on a treadmill never got anyone anywhere. So lets get off.

Day Three: Sign up to something you’d love to learn. Or something random you’ve never tried before just to shake things up

Then drop me a line and tell me what changed for you this week. Tell me how alive you feel!

People who create amazing lives don’t have super powers. Changing things up isn’t reserved for a privileged few.

It’s for all of us. Make it small, make it regular, make it fun.

Everyday is everything (and every other day will do just great too)

p.s If this makes you want to DO something and I’m hoping it does, I’m running a career change workshop this Saturday that will get you moving and not wanting to stop ;) . Read about it here and what people say here






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  1. Vidya Penamatsa
    May 11, 2015 at 1:14 pm

    Most inspiring blog I have read in a while – it was fantastic! That’s it – today is day 1.

    Wish I could come to one of your workshops – ever thought of taking them international?

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