Can do?

At the career change workshop I ran this weekend with a great group of bright interesting people – one of the things that was a bit of recurring themes was this:

People landed up in places they did not really want to be because they used what they COULD do , rather than what they WANTED to do. So the quirky young woman who really wanted to bake amazing cakes, administered education programmes instead. The construction manager spent his days on a building site instead of running extreme adventure trips in the jungle. The biz analyst whiz, working with numbers instead of people.

It’s natural and common to keep reselling ourselves, packaging up the same old skills in the same old way to the same organisations we don’t really want to be in because it can feel like a big and often impossible leap to springboard out of our own box.

Trouble is if you do that you land up from frying pan to… frying pan. And eventually a very unhappy egg.

The think is, that that trajectory starts to change when you take control. When you stare the God of Security in the eye and aren’t the first to blink. When you see a gap in the market and pitch to it. When you decide to LEARN new stuff instead of just recycling the old. When you experiment. When you spend time with the people and places you want to be. When you follow your heart.  When you sell the stuff you make, not your soul.

Every month I hear from someone whose been on my workshop who has done those things and whose lives have changed or started to. Its extraordinary what happens when you decide to make it happen.

p.s the workshop waitlist for any unhappy eggs who want to love what they do is here. Date to be announced soon!

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