Baiting the hook…

Quite a few of my clients are lawyers, management consultants, city analysts and bankers. What do they have in common? Very bright, very driven, very creative, very VERY overworked, very tired of the tyranny of the billable hour, very sick of the meaningless machine, very wanting to get out and do something interesting and real with their lives. Very wanting to HAVE A LIFE.

Here’s what one of them said to me the other day…

“What do you do if you want to get an intelligent, ambitious person to do meaningless work?

Bait the hook with money and prestige”

It’s true. It can be part of the initial draw, it’s certainly what keeps alot of people doing it. That and the time and money they’ve spent getting there. And not being able to see a way out.

The thing is when you set out it often feels good to start with, but then you realise it’s not actually what you signed up for or expected. Sometimes it’s yet another 2am finish, the 100th irate rude client, the constant undercurrent of fear, the endless detailed reports, the fierce and sometimes toxic environment that causes them to hit the ‘I’ve got to get out of here’ button and do something about it. Other times it’s the smack between the eye that they DON’T WANT the next step.¬† THEY DON’T WANT TO BE THEIR BOSS.

Want the good news?

FACT. The world is populated by many EX bankers, management consultants and lawyers and ex-lots-of-other-professions  NOW DOING SOMETHING THEY LOVE.

ps my next career change workshop runs in West London on Saturday 7 July, if you want to re-bait that hook. Details here

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